North Roberts Dental Group - Worst Service, Dishonest, and Criminal Minded

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I went to North Roberts Dental Group for a routine cleaning. That is all! In the lobby they had a new flat screen tv, promoting the horrors of oral cancer. When I sat down in the dentist chair the hygienist (Kystal - HORRIBLE!!!) stated, "It was their new policy I had to have an oral cancer exam or they couldn't clean my teeth." After 1/2 hour consulting with their office manager about their lack of customer service for not telling patients ahead, I decided to go ahead. It cost $65 (I'm mad).

Okay, then the hygienist check my gums and says I need a procedure to do a deep cleaning that cost, get this, $836. Oh yes, and if I didn't get the procedure done, she couldn't even clean my teeth. So I walked away with a, get this, $100 bill. In the pass checking my gums was always FREE, but today they said it cost $25 (plus my $10 co-pay), and in the past three years, she said, "Someone dropped the ball for not charging me to check my gums." Unbelievable!

Since they got this new dentist, Dr. Harris, all of a sudden I have cavities, need crowns on 6 teeth ($960 each), and so many problems that wasn't discovered just 6 months before. Before Dr. Harris, the previous dentist said my teeth were great. Krystal and Dr. Harris, are a team that is stealing patients blind. DON'T YOU DARE GO THERE!!!

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